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GEL LAQ: Gel Polish color HYBRIDUS for professional use. GEL EFFECT | DENSE.

The GEL LAQ  are self-leveling, unique for the incredible range of colors, they are very easy to apply and apply and have a long life. They have the system GEL EFFECT. 

Duration up to 4 weeks and even more!

I like GEL LAQ HYBRIDUS because

- It is DENSER than a standard Gel Polish

- Perfect GEL EFFECT


- application is easy, due to the consistency of the product


How to use

Prepare the natural nail for treatment and then apply a PRE BASE ADHESION.

Apply the GEL LAQ BASE and cure UV LED Lamp.

Apply a thin layer of GEL LAQ color and cure UV LED Lamp. (repeat if necessary).

Apply the TOP / GLOSS and cure under UV LED Lamp.

Degrease with CLEANER


Curing time:

36W UV lamp: 120 seconds

48W UV lamp: 45 seconds



15 ml size

Product for professional use only


Color may vary depending on the device and / or display on which it is displayed.

73 DOMINANT Gel Laq Hybridus

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